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We can develop your data driven product into a visually stunning and easy to use product that will be referred to by customers over and over again.

With over 14 years experience in this market, we know and understand the level of service required in this ever changing and demanding business sector.

Our creative team will produce great looking cover designs, well thought out prelim and editorial pages, and informative content pages. Additionally, our production team can collect all the content data and advertising for the publication from the advertisers. These services can be supplied either individually or as a complete publication package.

We link our page layout/editorial software (Adobe InDesign) with our database software (CatBase), which gives us the power to design visually stunning layouts, linked via your database. This can be supplied as Excel, Access, XML files etc.

Once the concept design has been finalised, your content can be transformed into your publication format in literally seconds, using text, logos and images. With the facility to automatically update your data at any time, this is a very flexible package. Pages are proofed as low-res PDFs. It's that simple.

Services include:

tick  Cover design

tick  Prelim / editorial design & production

tick  Advertising – design & production

tick  Database typesetting

tick  Advertiser copy chasing/proofing/approval

tick  Advertising library and pre-press management

tick  High resolution PDF page output

Did you know?

We can convert your existing print publication into an interactive PDF with full navigation and links, it can be viewed by clients online or as a download.

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A selection of work


Below are some examples of our work. Please click on the thumbnails to view.

Barbour Compendium 2010 The Knowledge Hollis Europe
Property Keysol Corporate Event Services Various directories produced for Boundary I-Media